Dear colleague,

I’d like to invite you to the Introduction workshop about Vojta method 2nd generation, which will be held on September 2017 near Prague, Czech Republic.

Date: Thu 14 Sep 2017 – Sun 17 Sep 2017

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Place:  Training centerKlášter Naší Paní nad Vltavou
             Poličany – Křečovice 10, 257 56 Neveklov, Czech Republic

Price: € 400, food and accommodation all included

Contact to organizers 

Mgr. Hana Kučerová
tel.: +420 777 939 527

Entry form:   the course is full

“The name of the method itself (“Vojta method 2nd generation“) The reviewer MUDr. David Holub, Ph.D. (Institute for medical humanities, Charles Univerzity, Praha, The Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University, Brno) wrote about Vaclav Krucky’s book Vojta method 2nd generation:

Own title Vojt’s 2nd Generation Methodology (VM2G) reflects a compromise solution – it acknowledges and respects the theory and technique of the original Vojta’s method, whilst at the same time admits and explicitly marks the innovations. It opens wider questions on the identity of the Vojta’s method, its limits and possibilities of their further clinical development after the death of its founder. Not arguments of power or ideology, but only research studies following the standard criteria and reliable analysis will be able to give answers, and compare the classical and the innovated approach of the Vojta’s method.”

We are looking forward to seeing you.
Mgr. Václav Krucký