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Mgr. Václav Krucký

Mgr. Václav Krucký After graduating from his rehabilitative follow-on studies in 1995 at medical school in Plzeň, the author studied in the field of rehabilitation at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at Charles University in Prague concurrently with psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. In 1990, he attended lectures on the Vojta method under leadership of Dr. Václav Vojta. After graduation in 1989, his specialised practice focusing on predominantly paediatric rehabilitation and physiotherapy began at several facilities in Prague. In the mid-nineties he worked for five years in outpatient departments and clinics in Bavaria. In Regensburg in 1994, he obtained the State Certificate for the specialty Physiotherapy for EU countries. He has gradually specialised in the application of the Vojta rehabilitative method both in children and adult patients. From 2001 through 2004, he worked as the Head of the Outpatient and Inpatient Rehabilitation Department of the Hospital in Ostrov nad Ohří. He has developed his teaching activities as an assistant at his alma mater FPES of Charles University at the medical school on Alšovo nábřeží in Prague and the higher vocational medical school in Karlovy Vary. Since 1992, he has carried his own rehabilitative and physiotherapeutic practice in Karlovy Vary and Prague. In 2003 he founded a non-profit organisation SVR – společnost pro vývojovou rehabilitaci o.p.s focused on support and development of innovative implementation of the Vojta method. Since 2016, he has developed the concept of the Vojta method of 2nd generation – VM2G.